Soy Candles Made in Vermonters! The Vermont Simple Soy Candle

June 28, 2018 2 Comments

Vermont Simple Soy Candle Collection

The success of the Vermont Simple Soy Candle was never supposed to happen.  When Sheri came to me with the idea of launching the company that eventually became Vermont Simple Beauty, there was no discussion about candles.  We talked about lip balm, moisturizers, scrubs, even makeup (sort of glad that one didn't pan out), but not a word about candles.

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Vermont Simple Moisturizing Cream: One Moisturizer to Rule them All

January 12, 2017

Winters in Vermont are well known for their unrelenting brutality.  Needless to say, we hold on to our moisturizers pretty tightly as we struggle through a long season of dry skin brought on by cold, dry, and windy conditions.  

What has often been a source of frustration for Vermonters proved to be a pretty good test lab for Vermont Simple Beauty as we set out to create a great general use moisturizer.  

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Vermont Simple Body Soap Buy-One Get-One 50% Off AND 10% Off Sale!

June 08, 2016

Vermont Simple Body Soap is a glycerin-based soap made from saponified coconut, safflower, and palm oils.  Glycerin is an excellent humectant, which makes a great moisturizing soap.  In addition, Vermont Simple Body Soap does not...

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Vermont Simple Lip Balm - Six Simple High Quality Ingredients

March 27, 2016

Vermont weather can be very cold and very dry throughout a large part of the year. With an average annual high of just 55.2˚F and an often deceptively few number of days with precipitation from October through March, many Vermonters wrestle with dry/cracked hands, lips, and feet.

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