Fresh Lilac 7oz Soy Candle

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The delightfully sweet floral aroma of lilac will fill your home when you light the Vermont Simple Fresh Lilac Soy Candle.  You'll escape to smells of a beautifully maintained flower garden without the nuisance of bees and wasps.  While lilac is certainly the most prominent aroma this candle emits, we've added a few more subtle flora scents to give this candle a perfect balance.  

While you enjoy this handmade in Vermont candle's intoxicating floral aroma, you can take comfort in knowing that it is free of petroleum by-products, phthalates, and heavy metals.  

Our Vermont Simple Soy Candle is 100% soy wax from U.S. grown soybeans.  It won't produce smoky soot like paraffin wax candles and it will last much longer.  

Burn Times

40 hours