Lavender Hand Sanitizer Spray

In the fight against germs, we're here to help you with a convenient and portable option.

Vermont Simple Hand Sanitizer Spray provides super easy spray on application packaged in a pocket-sized container.  When you can't wash your hands with traditional soap in water, you can reach for this sanitizer to protect against germs.  

On top of its convenience, it's lightly scented with our signature Lavender fragrance.  


Ethyl-Alcohol (62%), Distilled Water (Aqua), Fragrance*

*Naturally derived with no synthetic carrier oil and phthalate free.

WARNING: Flammable contents, do not use near heat source or open flame.


Packaging Note: Due to various stresses currently facing multiple industries from Covid-19, we anticipate packaging swaps on this product.  We will always keep the product amount the same, but the bottle this item arrives in might differ from the one shown on this product page.  This product is currently shipping in a clear glass bottle.